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We are still recruiting volunteers for studies on human behavior. We are interested in people from anywhere in the world. Link:

This recently released report is based on survey data from communication on the day of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Two postdoctoral positions in computational social science are available with dual appointments at Northeastern and Harvard Universities, to work in the lab of David Lazer.  Candidates will be expected to work on a combination of their own research and collaborative proj

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Recent Publications

Publication date: 09/2016
Authors: Wei Wang, Ryan Kennedy, David Lazer, Naren Ramakrishnan


There have been serious efforts over the past 40 years to use newspaper articles to create...

Publication date: 09/2016
Authors: Nils B Weidmann, Suso Benitez-Baleato, Philipp Hunziker, Eduard Glatz, Xenofontas Dimitropoulos


The global expansion of the Internet is frequently associated with improved government...

Publication date: 08/2016
Authors: Amy Krakowka, Chris Arney, Kathryn Coronges, Matthew Simonson


In the coming decades the United States military will find...

Media Coverage And Appearance
Publication date: 08/2016

Donald Trump has become well known for his shoot-from-the-hip tweeting style. Lots of insults, lots of...

Media Coverage And Appearance
Publication date: 06/2016
Authors: Greg St. Martin
Journal Article
Publication date: 05/2016
Authors: Annie Waldherr, Et Al

Abstract In this article, we focus on noise in the sense of irrelevant information in a data set as a specific methodological challenge of web...

Journal Article
Publication date: 01/2016
Authors: Navid Dianati

Empirical networks of weighted dyadic relations often contain “noisy” edges that alter the global...

Conference Proceeding
Publication date: 10/2015
Authors: Ancsa Hannak, David Lazer, Christo Wilson , Alan Mislove

To cope with the immense amount of content on the web, search engines often use complex algorithms to personalize search results for individual...