July 13, 2012 - 5:37am -- admin

Lazer LAB
Northeastern Centers for Computational Social Science and Digital Humanities (NECSS/NEDH).

The Lazer Lab conducts computational, empirical and experimental research on social influence, social networks and network science. The Lab's work is centered around the notion that how people and organizations are connected together is critical to understanding their functioning, success and failure.
Members of the lab come from backgrounds in Political Science, Computer Science, Psychology, Sociology, Economic Development, Organizational Behavior, Media Studies and Data Visualization, and bring these skills and perspectives to bear on complex research problems. The group has extensive collaborative relationships with other research teams in Boston and throughout the world.
Current projects include work on large scale communication networks, network effects in the political media, remote-sensed social networks, temporally disaggregated networks, methods for network analysis, and social influence on health, political beliefs, and problem solving in organizations.