How Congress sees the world, in charts

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David Lazer
Katherine Ognyanova
How Congress sees the world, in charts

Democrats talk about Iraq; Republicans talk about.........Panama?

This week is a big one for America's global relations. While Congress started hashing out whether to hand the president authority to finish the largest trade deal in history, Obama was wrapping up the G-7 economic summit in Germany.

Beneath the talking points, what are America's real priorities when it comes to the rest of the world? We decided to analyze what Congress actually talks about with it discusses foreign affairs - essentially, to draw a map of the world as seen from Capitol Hill.

We took all the public statements of members of Congess from 2009 to 2014 (thanks go to VoteSmart for compiling them) and crunched them to see what countries Democrats and Republicans talk about, how their lists differ, and they view those countries as connected.

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